First Appointment Preparation: Please read before you schedule

  1. Obtain a prescription/referral from your physician. You must have a face to face visit with your physician to obtain a prescription/referral (unless your insurance has direct access). Referrals older than 90 days are not valid. You must obtain the referral prior to your first visit.
  2. Call your insurance. Find out if Shiosaki Physical Therapy is an approved provider. If not, ask if the insurance has an out of network benefit.
  3. Ask your insurance if your plan requires prior authorization. If yes, ask your primary care physician/referral coordinator to request insurance authorization. Shiosaki Physical Therapy cannot schedule you until we have the authorization. A prescription/referral is not an authorization, an authorization form will include an authorization number, number of visits or units authorized, and a date range that therapy may be provided.
  4. Ask your insurance how many visits or units are allowed per year; we would like to use your benefits wisely to maximize your treatment and limit your out of pocket costs.
  5. Ask your insurance if you have a copay, co-insurance and note the amount. Copays are due at the time of service. You may pay with cash, check, credit or debit card.
  6. Ask your insurance if you have you met your deductible for the year. If not, you are responsible for payment for physical therapy until your deductible is met.

If you have difficulty obtaining this information, please call Lonnie Shiosaki and she will assist.

New Patient Forms:

Click on the New Patient Forms. Please print, complete and bring the New Patient Forms with you to your first appointment. If you do not have a printer, please call 206 408-7398 and we will mail you the forms.

For your first appointment:

  1. Bring your new patient forms, prescription/referral, authorization (if applicable), copay (if applicable), insurance card(s) and photo ID.
  2. Please have a seat in the lobby chairs by the main entrance, we will come to get you when we are ready for you. There is no waiting room or receptionist inside the treatment office.
  3. Please arrive wearing your therapy clothes or arrive early to change prior to entering the treatment office. There are accessible restrooms down the hall where you may change. Low back, Hip, Knee and Ankle patients must wear loose, stretchy shorts so we may examine your legs and access the treatment areas. Patients requiring treatment to their Neck, Shoulders, and elbows must wear a thin strapped camisole or tank top. If you have long hair and your neck requires treatment, please bring a shower cap, hair tie or clips to hold your hair out of the way. Please wear appropriate exercise shoes.
  4. Treatments last 45-60 minutes. A timer will ring 7 minutes before your end of session so your treatment may be completed, and your therapist may stay on time for the next patient. If you are late for your session, your session will be concluded on time.